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The time has sadly come

We are retiring Lily!

Lily and Lady have been wonderful mamas to some truly amazing Airedoodle puppies. But they have each told me that they are done being mamas and want to move on and not be tied down to puppies anymore. So - I'm looking for the perfect Forever Families for them. Learn more about them below! 

Lady 3.jpeg


It would be hard to imagine a more Airedale like Airedale than Lady. She is stubborn, a bit destructive, goofy, mouthy and she loves to talk! If you've fallen in love with Airedales and are looking for an adult Airedale to add to your family reach out to me and let me know. She may be the perfect fit for you! 

Lady is three years old and 49 pounds (she is a little on the chunky side right now :-) ).  

Lady is AKC Registered


Is there such a thing as a calm Airedale? Of course not! But - Lily is more laid back than Lady is, but I would never call her calm! Lily is a pleasant Airedale with a very friendly disposition. She has a great nose for rodent hunting. She is quite the sweetheart. Lily is 52 pounds and three years old. 

Lily is AKC registered.

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