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Last Litter Of Mini Airedoodles!

I'm so sad that this time has come, but this is our last litter of Mini Airedoodles! If you have been thinking about getting an Airedoodle this will the the last chance to bring one home from us! Both of our Mama's Lily and Lady have told me in their own way that they're ready to be done having puppies. :-) So we will be looking for the perfect retirement homes for Lily and Lady, as well as looking for families for our last little Mini Airedoodles.

We just took pictures yesterday, and oh my goodness these pups look like stuffed animals!! They seriously don't even look real! There are four boys and two girls available! They'll be ready to go home March 31st! Just in time to enjoy the spring weather with you! For more information about the puppies visit our website or text or call us at 931-208-5939!

And here is the mama to these pups! Lady! Lady is a classic Airedale! Spunky, stubborn and playful! She is three and a half years old and is looking for the perfect family to settle down with.

And this is Lily! Lily is a bit more laid back than Lady. She is a lover, but still has plenty of Airedale spunk! Lily is also three and a half, and is also looking for a retirement home.

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