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Meet the Airedoodle Boys who are ready to come home to you TODAY!

Are you ready to meet the six gorgeous Airedoodle brothers?? Their two sisters have already gone home and are loving life with their new forever families, but these boys are still waiting on their perfect match. I hope you enjoy scrolling through the photos below and getting to know these boys! We can hand deliver all over the country! Please reach out to me at 931-208-5939 for more information on how to reserve one of these little boys.

We've named the little boy above Leroy. He has a perfect Teddy Bear face! He has lighter markings, a beautiful white blaze, and a super cuddly personality. He is one of the most laid back of these boys as well as one of the smallest. So we expect that he will mature to be smaller than his brothers.

This boy is named Lawrence! He has lots of energy and perfect black and tan markings! He is such a love! He has a beautiful narrow white blaze on his chest.

This is Leo - and he has a simply STUNNING Airedale looking face. He really does have those all knowing Airedale eyes, and his nose is so so Airedale! He is truly stunning!

This is Lawson. This boy is full of energy and would much rather be out playing than sitting nicely to have his picture taken.

Meet Larry! Larry has a cute lil' face, which he gets from his Poodle Daddy! He looks like a teddy bear! He has a sliver white blaze on his chest.

This guy is the most laid back of the boys! He was so content to just sit and snuggle while I snapped his picture. He still has puppy energy, but he is very happy to cuddle! I hope you've enjoyed meeting our boys! Email me at or call/text me at 931-208-5939 for more information on bringing one (or two!) of these boys home!

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