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Would you like a "started" Airedoodle?

How would you like to bring home an Airedoodle who is a little bit older? One who can sleep through the night in a kennel, and knows how to use a doggy door? Does that sound too good to be true? We have two wonderful Airedoodle boys who are "started" and ready to go home! They were born on February 17th - Just in case you don't feel like doing math today, that makes them just shy of twenty weeks old. :-) They sleep through the night in their kennel and use a doggy door to do their business outside! And they're transitioning from puppy hair to adult hair beautifully! They're going to be stunning dogs!

If you'd like to talk about adding one of these fun loving boys to your family you can reach me by calling or texting me at 931-208-5939!

Airedoodle four months old
Airedoodle four months old

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